Project Description

The Fund for Our Economic Future is an alliance of funders—foundations, corporations, universities, health care systems, business and civic associations, government entities and individuals—who pool their resources and collective know-how to advance economic growth and increase access to opportunity for all people of Northeast Ohio.

This smart and talented group has a wealth of information and research that needed distillation and distribution in an engaging way to their constituents.

From annual reports, to research documents, to regional maps that identified regional priorities, to graphics that breakdown complex pieces of information to be consumer-ready, we’ve worked with the Fund on engaging pieces that all are unique onto their own, but all reflect the look and feel of the Fund.


Projects included:

  • Content mapping
  • Graphics
  • Reports
  • Copywriting
  • Signage
  • Printed elements
  • Electronic deliverables
  • Event materials


*This project was completed as part of Roux Creative, the former agency co-owned by Michelle Burgess that closed in 2018.