Project Description

In partnership with The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Development, we facilitated an audit and assessment of existing marketing and communications efforts. As part of this project, we facilitated insight gathering via one-on-one discussions with key partners and also did a larger survey to important audience sectors.

As a result of the audit and assessment, we put together an action-plan that identified recommendations for key projects.

  • Reports: The Institute is well respected for their important community research and our pulse research identified that constituents wanted to more readily engage with the research in quick-hitting ways
    • Call-outs to important facts/data points in the research
    • A more polished look that communicated the important findings
  • Data Briefings: Research showed that constituents wanted to more easily get the recaps and highlights of longer reports and as a result, data briefing videos are now produced quarterly.
  • Social media outreach: This medium has also expanded as a result of the action plan to more readily share latest reports being released and breaking down key information.
  • Policy and important news from around the state and nation: It was determined that in order to share more timely news/articles related to policy, it would be helpful to distribute weekly updates with highlights to important articles from around the state.
  • Website development: The website is a tool and resource that community leaders consult for pertinent information they use for grant reports and requests. The existing website isn’t as user-friendly as it could be and a new website is being launched in January 2022. This new WordPress platform will also  allow The Institute to more readily manage updates.