(10/11/18) Part of what we love about our job is the chance to learn from other individuals about their roles, their business operations and also openly share insights, experience and expertise in marketing and communications. We love what we do and when we can make a change in a business – we love that feeling of positive impact.

And we want to do more.

So we’re launching Knowledge Share later this month. – a new, ongoing series of information distribution that will come in forms of helpful guides, video interviews about various topics, and future speaking engagements at determined dates with industry partners.

Topics may include:

  • Industry insight
  • Support for DIYers
  • Successful branding gear-up or refresh
  • Content mapping and gathering
  • Nonprofit storytelling

Have an idea for another area that you’d love to get ongoing information about? Email us!

We’ll post Knowledge Shares to our website and share on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages – please be sure to follow up for updates.