Project Description

Part of Summit Education Initiative’s goal is to have 48K degrees by 2023 in Summit County and as part of that work, it’s important to connect with youth and keep them engaged in their education. As part of their work, they wanted to determine an effective campaign that would help students get registered with FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to better determine what options they had for college.

For those that went to college and needed FAFSA®, you know it can be a clunky process so SEI asked us to help with a campaign rollout that would provide language was clear and concise educating BOTH students and parents on what was needed. We broke down an understanding of what FAFSA® is, that the application is free, that there are steps involved to completing it, and that you don’t have to accept the financial aid, but important to see what your options are.

Focusing on six schools, we created branded handouts for respective schools with the goal of encourage students to enroll in FAFSA®, to attend their school’s information night, and to also attend the FAFSA Completion Day.

Followup elements from this piece were handed out as the FAFSA Completion Day event approached.

Also part of this campaign that you can check out in the rest of Summit Education Initiative:

  • Custom branded FAFSA® posters and handout kits for students
  • FAFSA® Peer Coach brand identity
  • FAFSA® Peer Coach social media rollout guide and graphics for suggested posts